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Using data collected by the weather station known as KDALCTY1, I threw together a little bit of processing code to try to get an idea of just what portion of a year is flyable. In this visualization, every row represents one day, and every day is sampled every 20 minutes. If you look closely, way over on the left are the dates. Noon is the center-line of the image.

I used 270 (due west) as an optimal wind direction, and 14mph as the optimal wind speed. A big green ball represents the sweet spot of these two parameters. Everything else is worse to some degree or another. If no ball is drawn, then the conditions are not considered flyable (too light, too strong, wrong direction). No accounting for humidity is taken.

2008 summary of flyablity at the Dump.

Click the closeup to see full size. Your browser may re-size the image since it’s 3660 pixels tall, so you may have to click on the image once it loads to actually see it full size.

The next step is to create a comparison with 2007…

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